Hello world!

Digital Sketchbook Begins!  This purpose of this web site is to compile my images and monitor my growth over time.  Displaying my product to the masses and giving people an idea of what my perspective can relay.  I’ve been very interested in photography since I was about six years old.  My father was in the military and he always had a camera attached to him: taking family pictures, landscapes of places we would travel, and creating a record of all the places he had been on his own.  I was  always so enthralled by the images and what we had in our photo albums at home and always wanted to produce the same thing.  I never imaged photography being a career.  Growing up, everyone always said, “There’s too much competition,” or, “Anyone can do that.”  Eventually, I came to my senses and realized, “You know what?  Not everyone can do what I do.”  No two people look at things the same way.  Even to look at an image creates different opinions, outlooks, and sparks opposing ideals.  Thus, my pursuit of my career in the digital film industry and majoring in Arts and Technologies.  Maybe, someday, I’ll go so far as to become a Cinematographer/Director of Photography.  How amazing that would be!


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