Balancing Time

I’ve been working hard with multiple jobs on my plate the past few days. So far, I’ve been contracted to create stock photos for a promotional web site that features an author friend of mine that is currently a hard working journalist and best selling author, Ms. Katlin Sweeney.

Katlin Sweeney Promotional Images

While creating portraits of her around San Diego and Riverside County, I’ve caught a couple candid’s of my spoiled and well loved dog, Chica.

Chica Dog Love Always

What’s even more exciting and slightly tiresome is learning about all the legal rights for photographers so that I am well versed and educated enough to protect myself from copyright issues when I wander the streets for landscapes to backdrop my Halloween series that features Mybelin Hernandez, a beautiful and talented model/actress, along with her older brother and younger actress sister, Emily Hernandez.  Actively helping with the Public Relations Club at California State University, San Marcos, I have been soliciting for rights to use photography from other talented individuals within the industry so that we may use iconic faces to represent the strong role models in society that help to support cultural awareness and equal rights for all.

School is swiftly drawing myself and many others back to our various houses of learning.  I am very excited for the new year and swiftly completing my educational goals.  The search for a career home has begun and the networking is never ending.  Life is good.

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