Valentine’s Day

ASI Valentine Feb. 12, 2013

I never used to think much of Valentine’s Day. I respected and appreciated the original purpose of remembering Saint Valentine and the cause he stood for in upholding love above all else. Yet, without a real feeling of the romantic sense of “love” in my life, the day of celebration meant nothing to me but funny boxes full of chocolates you can see everyday at See’s, red roses that get marked up in price only for this event, and lots of red and pink everywhere! Now that I’m married it seems to have taken on a whole new meaning. Still not quite sure of what that is yet…but I’ve gained a new-found respect for the holiday that I never had before. It’s an extra day to appreciate the person that’s come to love me through all the odd moments in life. For always finding his way in, regardless of where we were or what might have become, and always respecting that…even if he didn’t respect the people I may have been seeing at the time without him with me, ha ha. For all the challenges that love brings! And for all the satisfaction that comes with having it true! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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