Ash vs Evil Dead bloodies ComiCon all over the place

Image provided by STARZ Public Relations

© 2015 Starz Entertainment, LLC

STARZ has decided to make a series out of the cult classic, Evil Dead, which will be televised this fall.  Bruce Campbell returns as Ash, from The Evil Dead (1981) and Army of Darkness (1992).  

The 30-minute series will be a continuation from Ash’s last triumph against the female “Deadite” fondling his stump and trying to rip his head off.  Though 30 years have passed, he will still be a stock boy with no ambitions to find higher purpose in life.

The show will televise 10 episodes for this first season.  Returning talents also include: Sam Raimi, original filmmaker; actress, Lucy Lawless; Craig DiGregorio, Showrunner; and Ivan Raimi, co-executive producer, to mention a few.

Fans can enjoy a sneak peek at 6 pm on Friday in room 6A at San Diego ComiCon.  You can join in on the social media posts at and #AshvsEvilDead on Twitter at @AshvsEvilDead

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