Monthly Archives: September 2012

Holding out for Rain

These images were brought together with the idea of California always suffering from drought.  The two environmental images off the water were taken in Big Bear, CA.  To bring out the natural appearance in the tree stump, I highlighted the horizon and the grass in the foreground in Photoshop.  I ... Read More

An Average Day?

The venture for the week was to go out into the world and take photographs of the events of a single day from start to finish.  My body chooses not to function from start to finish so the idea of using the beginning to end photographs of the average day ... Read More


While I was waiting to take pictures for the actual class assignment I was wondering the CSUSM campus a little bit and took these:   They came out so uniquely that I had to share!  I put them together through an app called pix-o-matic.  Not too shabby!

Depth of Field

Back to school and the first class at Cal State San Marcos in the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Our assignment was to take photos and get acquainted with our cameras.  Since I’m already acquainted, I decided to try and take some creative images playing with depth of field and ... Read More