Monthly Archives: March 2014

Screening of ‘Winter in the Blood’

[youtube] Taking place in northern Montana, around 1973, Winter in the Blood is an adaptation of the novel by James Welch. An exquisitely compiled rendition that captures the audience and torques them through the real life human struggles of a man suffering from great loss and battling his own ... Read More

Senior Pictures

My latest client was motivated to have Halo as part of his photography session to remember his senior year. I brought my husband’s poster of Master Chief and realized that the silhouette of the subject in the image was so beautiful that I had to share what I had done ... Read More

Big Photo Show’s Images of Love

PMDA Portraits of Love returns to The Big Photo Show LA Portraits of Love to provide free family portraits for members of the active duty military Las Vegas, Nev. – PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations, announces PMDA Portraits of Love will return to The Big Photo Show ... Read More

CSUSM Cougar Chronicle

This week’s issue of the Cougar Chronicle is featuring a lot of what I’ve introduced in the past few weeks. Sports: Baseball Montage of Cougar’s playing on March 8, 2014. Opinion: ‘Far from Afghanistan’ portrays life after 9/11 Features: CSUSM students beach cleanup at Oceanside Pier on March 9, 2014. ... Read More

Athletics Photography

Sadly, my college experience is coming to an end. One of my most favorite things to do as a photographer for the Cougar Chronicle and the Communications Department at CSU San Marcos has been photographing sporting events. I finally updated my profile at to show all of the creative ... Read More

Oceanside Beach Cleanup with CSU San Marcos Students

Morning beach cleanup on March 9, 2014 went beautifully. The group of CSUSM students enjoyed doing something to help the environment and protect the local wildlife from pollution. The day was filled with lots of exercise as the students were digging garbage out of the sand as they walked along ... Read More
Text Film Project Fall 2013

Text Film Project Fall 2013

I had actually begun this project in November, but never finished it. At the rate I’m going, it might never be finished, but I figure that its worth sharing. The audio isn’t exactly what I was hoping to put together, but in the amount of time any student is given ... Read More

SoCal University Photos for CSU San Marcos

CSU San Marcos is working on their summer campaign pictures for promoting the Universities in its classic SoCal glory. I know this photo will probably not get used because the subjects are looking away from the camera, but I just had to share it because it looked so classic, even ... Read More