Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Reading Rainbow reboot

LeVar Burton is working to bring Reading Rainbow back to all children through modern day technology as the traditional form of television viewing has transitioned.  Since his full ownership of the program, he has worked to further develop the reading program to evolve with the children of todays modern age.  ... Read More

In preparation for The End

The light from the horizon at Glendalough gates in Ireland, August 2014, by Anne Hall of Syrenia Imagery. A dear friend of mine has been suffering for a great deal of time.  Living through the pain and acting as though he is like everyone that surrounds him; as though nothing ... Read More

Home grown pineapples

Photo from Give a Shit about Nature.   I had no idea growing pineapples was so easy!  There are two methods: one with roots and one without.  I’m going to try both and see what happens.  It’s a long process so the end result wont appear any time soon, but ... Read More

Post 9/11 Museum is a mockery

BuzzFeed Staff Contribution I will never go here! This isn’t a museum. It’s a monument for justifying the war on terror from the anguish that so many had to suffer. I watched my friends and family cry over people lost. I cried out of unbelievable stress and grief from being ... Read More

The Big Photo Show comes to an end

  Once again, The Los Angeles Convention Center says goodbye to the Photographer’s dream of Expos, as The Big Photo Show concludes. The short lived weekend was filled with beautiful photography on display from entries contributed by amateur enthusiasts. Hundreds of opportunities from vendors to establish networking, printing, supplies, etc. ... Read More

Carl DeMaio speaking for real issues

The DeMaio campaign has asked me to share this news report that was aired a while back. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to focus on real issues and am happy to share this in order to address the bystander that is being carried out. Feel free to ... Read More