Studio Time

The focus towards the end of this year has been to work more on lighting and gain experience using a studio; playing with lights, and learning how to use the equipment: I even went so far as to emulating a movie concept: Here are some before/after images of the cast ... Read More

Emulating an Artist

The major project for November was to pick a new photographer who is working regularly within the industry.  Using the list of talent from, I selected Andrew Hetherington for his photographs from his series Made in Ireland.  The work compiles images of people and the atmosphere of a community ... Read More

Bilbo’s Christmas Wishes

The concept of a MEME truly intimidated me because I am socially inept when it comes to following propaganda and media information (other than following what I see on Facebook). Considering it is December and the hustle and bustle of the holidays have begun, I considered the aspects of Christmas ... Read More

Cinematographer Review

We had viewed the film, Heima, which was originally aired in 2007. It is a documentary by the musical group Sigur Ros, who returned to Iceland in 2006 and did a series of free performances around the community after completing their world tour. Haima Cigarros was the Cinematographer for the documentary. ... Read More

High Dynamic Range Images

This is my first attempt at creating HDR Images.  I was excited about trying something new and surprised at how easy it was to process the images in photoshop.  My greatest obstacle in this project was combining images that has black backgrounds.  When trying to create a HDR image ... Read More


This weeks subject matter is recycling.  I chose to photograph items around the home that are recycleable and reuseable.  All images were edited and cropped in Photoshop. A slideshow version I created on lightroom can be viewed from youtube at [youtube]


The image of the young girl sitting within the crowd was taken outdoors in open shade.  The subject was sitting beneath a crowd of spectators as they were watching a cross country race for the San Bernardino County High Schools.  The light gives a hair glow and shine along her shoulders.  If ... Read More


These images were taken with my camera on my cell phone.  My DSLR was being used to take star trail images while we were in the Palomar Mountains during the new moon this past Monday.  A group of us had settled at the campgrounds near the observatory, working on sky ... Read More

Holding out for Rain

These images were brought together with the idea of California always suffering from drought.  The two environmental images off the water were taken in Big Bear, CA.  To bring out the natural appearance in the tree stump, I highlighted the horizon and the grass in the foreground in Photoshop.  I ... Read More

An Average Day?

The venture for the week was to go out into the world and take photographs of the events of a single day from start to finish.  My body chooses not to function from start to finish so the idea of using the beginning to end photographs of the average day ... Read More