About Us

Syrenia Imagery is a family owned and operated photography and graphic arts business that has been open since 2013. I specialize in event photography, promotional photography, product photography, portraiture and more.

Syrenia, being the Latin word for mermaid, represents the company’s coastal origin, as we originated in Oceanside, California and have continued to nurture our business near origins of water.  We currently serve businesses and families in eastern Montana.

We are a traveling photography service. What does that mean for you? We come to wherever you need us to be! As a certified digital photographer and an artist, I can guarantee the quality of work provided, edit images and even restore images. I pride myself in thinking outside the box and exercising creativity. My favorite thing to do is sports and engagement photographs. Capturing those moments where true emotion and personal character shine.

My husband and I work as a team: myself, the photographer and sole proprietor; my husband, the electrician, tech support, assistant and backup photographer for events. We continue to participate in conventions for press coverage; special events that range from private birthday party’s to premiers; document athletic events and special moments that people want to keep encapsulated forever in timeless photographs; create works of art and serve various non-profits.

Syrenia Imagery seeks to serve others: we have created book covers for authors, helped design logos for companies, assist with creative direction for promotional work, as well as assist others in telling their stories to help create public awareness, etc. Our props (and materials used to create original frames, memory boxes and costumes) are made from recycled materials. We encourage conservation and repurposing.