Infant-Toddler Photographs

From the moment of conception, children quickly change and evolve into these beings of new life that continue to surprise us! Each precious moment… every detail of form… should be froze in time as they quickly pass through this reality. These moments are so beautiful because they are so fleeting! We hope to have the opportunity to help you keep these details in their lives forever.

Infants and toddlers have very short attention spans and patience. At Syrenia Imagery, we honor this natural state and the needs and desires of the children. Sessions are never very long and average approximately 15-30 minutes, from start to finish, depending on the needs of the customer. I come to a location that is most comfortable for you and your child and quickly set up, on location, to photograph. Or pictures can be taken in a studio setting.

Syrenia Imagery prides itself in patience and will do whatever is needed for infant-toddler portraits to meet the desires of the customer. Due to the demands of parenting and it’s unpredictability, reservations and cancellation policies are managed differently from all other services and can be negotiated within reason. Please contact us for more information. Finalized agreements will be noted in all service contracts and signed by both parties before service is rendered.

Infant Promotional Photographs for Syrenia Imagery
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