At Syrenia Imagery, we like to play with color and light. Portraits are a skill that is best served with patience and attention to detail. We take advantage of natural light in an atmosphere that is most comfortable for the client. Either you can give us a location for your desired ambiance, or we can recommend a location for your approval. We also have the option for doing studio lit photographs, thought here is a limit ot the backgrounds available for use without computer generated imaging. So, we prefer to work outside, in nature and with the ambiance that our beautiful communities provide.

Based on the needs of the customer, we will meet at a designated location to take your photos. There can be multiple locations selected, provided the time reserved will allow (including travel time). Should multiple locations be requested, sessions may be carried out on different dates to accommodate shooting at various locations.

You may incorporate any number of garments and props to reflect your unique self. Based on your desires, the photographer may recommend a time schedule (especially if pets/animals and children are involved). There is an average timeframe for change of costuming. Please consider this when the planning phases are in effect. Have your most favorite items available the day of the photography session.

Should you have any special requests, do not hesitate to bring the up as soon as possible. Syrenia Imagery does its best to provide a unique and courteous experience for you and your loved ones.

When more than one person is included in the portraits please relay the number of participants, their ages, names (at least first names for curtesy), any special requests for props or how Syrenia Imagery may best serve you; and let us know if the pictures would be used for anything specific like graduations, gifts, profile pictures for business use, greeting cards, etc.

Please refer to Syrenia Imagery’s reservation and cancellation policy for further details.

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