KAABOO is a great close to summer

Pictures taken from KAABOO Del Mar 2016 KAABOO has taken over the Del Mar Fairgrounds to host over a hundred musical artists from all over the world. With artists traveling from all across the globe to be included in this festival lineup, more than 40,000 attendees were present the weekend’s ... Read More

Earth Day’s extended weekend

  Mid April marked the first of many nationwide community to beach cleanup days hosted by various organizations across the country.  San Diego County’s I Love a Clean San Diego sponsors monthly creek to bay cleanups throughout the area and April 23 just happened to be among one of the largest.  ... Read More

The Future of San Diego

                        sandag.org/priorities The population of San Diego County is estimated to grow beyond 40,000 households in the next 15 years based on prior years expansions. With that in mind, the community has been working with SANDAG and TransNet to decipher what the best priorities for our local communities are in hopes ... Read More

Opinion piece on Legislation

One of my favorite photographers in history: Lewis W. Hine. Portrait photographer of laborers and our way of life. Once again, job security is in question for our American way of life. As a former service member, and growing up as a military dependent in a saturated family full of ... Read More

Veterans Day 2015

© Anne S. Hall of Syrenia Imagery             www.behance.net/syreniaimagery As a US Coast Guard Veteran who was forced out of service due to MANY issues that were deliberately overlooked and ignored for the sake of saving a buck, along with many of my brothers and ... Read More

Process and Discovery

                                      © Anne S. Hall of Syrenia Imagery I was working on editing photos for a family wedding and ran across an image I deliberately took with artistic views in mind. These young adults have a lot of life ahead of them.  I’m not going to share any opinions as ... Read More

Sharing my talents

As I’ve been working this short time as a freelance writer I have already worked for a newspaper, a small reputable publishing company, and a strong developing SEO Company.  Now that I’m happily working to help Paradigm SEO serve their clients, I’m currently having the priviledge of helping promote Stick ... Read More

Stan Lee’s Comikaze helps to support unite4:good

Panelists greeting fans after talking about how their ventures in the tv and film industry has influenced their lives and how they work to help make a positive difference in society. United4:Good booth for Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015. The former unite4:good has now become DoMore4:Good. This nationwide nonprofit organization works ... Read More

Cute Cakes Grand Opening

    There was a full house all night for the grand opening of Cute Cakes in Escondido, CA tonight. Members from the community came to welcome the business with open arms as they have spent their years growing helping other businesses within the community thrive. Jill Reilly started out ... Read More