Monthly Archives: October 2013

La Loteria Photoshop Project

The focus of this Photoshop project was to consider a lost loved one and what you remember of them. Incorporate those features into Loteria cards and display them in a way that reflects Dia De Los Muertos. I harvested various pictures from the web to create my backgrounds and stylize ... Read More

Comikaze Press Release

Latest press release for Comikaze, which is taking place November 1-3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Syrenia Imagery will be in attendance for photographs. California State University – San Marcos will have staff from the Cougar Chronicle covering the event as well. Look for my newest post after the ... Read More

Emulating Uelsmann

The assignment for this project was to consider the works of Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor and create an image that reflects the style of these artists and incorporates their production methods using Photoshop. Jerry Uelsmann works to combine his images during the development process of film in the dark ... Read More

San Diego Latino Film Festival

Poster Image The objective of the assignment was to create an advertising poster for the following years Film Festival with consideration for representing the Latino culture, San Diego, and incorporating colorful aspects along with a digitized modern theme for what represents the present age of film culture. I combined four ... Read More