Monthly Archives: November 2013

Stan Lee Celebrates TMNT

Kevin Eastman’s team of creators chooses Comikaze for the sneak peak of the TMNT Documentary that will mark the 30th Anniversary of the Turtles mania. Fans burst in excitement as the unveiling promises so much.

Comikaze Sneak Peak

Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 Animated Series introductory film was released for Comikaze. The show will be airing on the HUB network very soon. Stan Lee fans are highly anticipating this new cartoon.

Comikaze Extravaganza

Lots of great writers, art work, artistry schools and performers featured at Comikaze. Here are some photos of what was dwelling on the sales floor. More to come about particular artists and performers that attended the event. All of these photos were taken with my Droid and edited through Pixlr-o-Matic. ... Read More

Promoting the Cougar Chronicle

I’m not very photogenic, so the fact that I’m plastered all over this isn’t very atractive, but the film was done so well! Shout out to Armand Gutierrez for doing just a great job!