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On February 14, 2013 I was honored with the task of photographing the Rise against Violence towards Women event that took place on California State University San Marcos’s campus. This Valentine’s Day was filled with new forms of celebrating. Organizations that provide services on campus and from around town manned ... Read More

Valentine’s Day

I never used to think much of Valentine’s Day. I respected and appreciated the original purpose of remembering Saint Valentine and the cause he stood for in upholding love above all else. Yet, without a real feeling of the romantic sense of “love” in my life, the day of celebration ... Read More

World Dance Revealed

Coronado had an extra glow beaming from the Performing Arts Center on February 8th. Opening night for the Nations of San Diego International Dance Festival began at 8:00 pm Friday night. Patrons were graced with dance performances from the Kathak Dance Company, Rachael George Belly Dance, the Flamenco Arana, Moonlight ... Read More

The Cougar Dance Group

Covering the game, I met the Cougar Dance group and their Captain, Allison. The photos were also taken in Camera RAW. Just some highlights from their performance:

Cougars Against La Sierra

My first experience actually covering a sporting event. I still took the images using RAW. Considering their purpose I know that’s not necessary, but I decided it would be the best choice (in case I could use the images for something else in the future). Thank you, “J,” for allowing ... Read More