Monthly Archives: April 2015

Dance ‘Til Dawn

I’ve been working on a series of light art photography over the past two months with Cierra Potts to document our work as dancers, performers and artists. During our last session, a group of our peers joined in on the fun and asked me to create a themed advertisement to ... Read More

Greeting Cards

I was contracted to create a Birthday card for a young man who is coming into his right of passage for adulthood. The client gave me very little to work with and just said to do whatever I want…so I came up with this: I drafted the text myself, but ... Read More

Cathing Up

It hasn’t been easy to keep track of me these days so I figured it would be wise to share the posts from work I have recently had published over the past couple of weeks: Highlights from iZombie, WonderCon 2015 Everyone’s in Full on Zombie Mode Falling Skies press release ... Read More


Image of the box provided by Energy Joe Alc There’s an amazing new gadget being sold in San Diego County and I wrote an article about it for You can see the details about the product and it’s distributors on the web site. I definitely want one! Buying them ... Read More

WonderCon hosts ‘Falling Skies’

Image provided by public relations for TNT’s ‘Falling Skies.’ Members of the cast for Falling Skies graced their fans with intimate details about the fifth and final season premiering Sunday, June 28, at 10 PM on TNT.  A little detail worth sharing that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else as ... Read More