While I was waiting to take pictures for the actual class assignment I was wondering the CSUSM campus a little bit and took these:   They came out so uniquely that I had to share!  I put them together through an app called pix-o-matic.  Not too shabby!

Depth of Field

Back to school and the first class at Cal State San Marcos in the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Our assignment was to take photos and get acquainted with our cameras.  Since I’m already acquainted, I decided to try and take some creative images playing with depth of field and ... Read More

Hello world!

Digital Sketchbook Begins!  This purpose of this web site is to compile my images and monitor my growth over time.  Displaying my product to the masses and giving people an idea of what my perspective can relay.  I’ve been very interested in photography since I was about six years old. ... Read More