Recycling is for the birds

Guests were greeted with this sign resting on the front lawn to lead them to the tree house in the backyard San Diego’s own, Ryan Arnold, opened up his home in Pacific Beach on Saturday to celebrate his largest creation made from recycled materials after three years of learning wood ... Read More

Ash vs Evil Dead bloodies ComiCon all over the place

© 2015 Starz Entertainment, LLC STARZ has decided to make a series out of the cult classic, Evil Dead, which will be televised this fall.  Bruce Campbell returns as Ash, from The Evil Dead (1981) and Army of Darkness (1992).   The 30-minute series will be a continuation from Ash’s last triumph ... Read More

Art Directors Guild represents at 2015 ComiCon

An organization that embodies the talent and skills of over 2,000 individuals throughout the world; practicing their craft within the film industry, theater and other artists exercising their various skills in composition of various forms will be opening their experiences and knowledge up to the fans at ComiCon at 12 ... Read More

ComiCon 2015 begins

This year’s ComiCon has already proven to be no less hectic or exciting from previous years. Many people have been disappointed by the fact that they were not among the lucky individuals who managed to make it through the random selection process for badge purchase earlier this spring. Yet, there’s ... Read More

Cute Cakes relocates

Escondido’s favorite bakery has just reopened their doors in a much larger, homey location right in the heart of Downtown.  Now located at 345 West Grand Avenue, Jill Reilly has worked hard to transform this corner side suite that truly needed a heavenly touch to become home for any thriving ... Read More

Geeks for Peace

Morgan Spurlock, American documentary filmmaker, producer, screenwriter and political activist is calling for heroes to join forces with him and his harmonious team in support of future generations and the nurturing of a better world as they celebrate the very first Geeks for Peace gala on July 10 at 7 ... Read More

Geeks for Peace

Article submitted to for details and further information about Morgan Spurlock’s inspiration by Kids for Peace.  Visit for tickets to this fantastic event taking place during ComiCon festivities in San Diego.

My little piece of social justice

I spent the last few months researching a long time concern of mine for a friend and acquaintance I had met in college that experienced an injustice right before graduating. While researching what really happened to him, I found some very interesting details, had he and his team had known, ... Read More

Bullying goes to a whole new level

Image provided by “Unfriended” puts cyber bullying in your nightmares My article for “Unfriended” apparently never made it to print, so I’m sharing it a month late here. The film really needed the press exposure, so I’m hoping this still offers something for viewers. Mixed feelings arise when that ... Read More